Welcome to the Auditors’ Service Provider Directory

The BSCI Service Provider Directory Auditors makes it easy for you to find the right auditing company to conduct your audits in the country you need.


The BSCI Service Provider Directory Auditors is exclusively for the SAAS accredited auditing companies with which BSCI has a framework contract, currently these are the only ones authorised to conduct your BSCI audits.


In the Service Provider Directory Auditors, you will be able to find the details for the auditing companies’ headquarters and their local offices in a large number of supplier countries. If you need an auditor in China e.g., you can search on where the auditing company has offices or where it conducts audits. You can also choose to see a full list of local offices per auditing company.


For any additional question, please contact Gabrielle van Melkebeke at info@amfori.org.





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